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First Support Professionals is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities and their family members gain access to financial assistance they are entitled to. We have helped many Canadians and their families get up to $40,000 in disability benefits through the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) program.

At First Support Professionals, we vow to assist and guide you through the entire process to receiving claims. The core aspect of our services is that we educate you on the qualifying rules of the Disability Tax Credit to ensure that you have the best chance of getting the refund. Our tax analysts will do all the necessary work to ensure you receive the money you are entitled to.

Did you know that many Canadians who may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit are unaware that the program even exists? They often feel that their disability is not severe enough to qualify. So if you are wondering whether you or a family member qualifies, give us a call today and learn your options.

You could be entitled to claim up to $40,000. We offer a FREE consultation to determine if you qualify. We do not get paid until you do. So Don’t Hesitate and Book a Consultation Today!

The Disability Tax Credit is simply a tax reduction so there are no negative financial impacts.

  • If you have a mental or physical restriction we can help you get qualified.
  • If you are a spouse or a family member of an individual who suffers from an impairment, we can also help you qualify.

Disability Tax Credit at a glance

The Disability Tax Credit is offered by the Canadian Government to provide financial relief to individuals who are affected by physical and/or mental disabilities.

Claiming this credit for the retroactive 10 years can get you up to $40,000 for your disability.

Any amount that cannot be claimed by the person with the disability can be transferred to a family member related to the individual by blood or marriage.

There are no age requirements; anyone can qualify, whether you have a child with disability or you are an elderly person with a disability.

Any income level can qualify.

If you are wondering whether you qualify contact us right away and our Disability Tax Credit Professionals will help determine your status.

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